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“Remembering The Pets We Love.- Why we love our pet so much, why it’s so hard when they go and 15 unique ways to remember and heal.”

I know you love and miss your pussycat or furbaby with all your heart and soul. You’ll never forget, and will carry your love and memories in your heart forever. But sometimes we need to do something to honor their memory, and to help us heal.

My gift to you is this free ebook (I have one for cats and one for dogs available when you subscribe below) that I’ve compiled to share with you several insights into why we love them so much and why it hurts so much when they die and some simple suggestions on dealing with your grief. I also give you some wonderful ideas about how you can honor the memory of your beloved furbaby. Or perhaps you know someone who is suffering this devastating loss–these are wonderful ideas for gifts you can give to them to help them in their grief. I hope, I believe you’ll find something that touches your heart here, and is just perfect for you and the memory of your little one. I’ll also send an occasional email with additional ideas, tips and information for you to use, remember and enjoy.

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