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Putting a furbaby to sleep

April 14, 2014 4 Comments

This is a video of a beautiful Golden Retriever called Mark who is terminally ill and is being put to sleep.

I chose this video because it is more of a tribute than anything else—the music stirs the soul, we can sense the love throughout, and the messages from ‘mum and dad’ at the end give us hope. BJ

When you had your furbaby put to sleep, did you stay with him/her?

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About the Author:

BJ Burman is a writer, researcher, healer, advisor and teacher. All through her childhood and adult life, she has shared her life with animals, every one of them dearly loved. She is also a passionate supporter of animal rights and animal conservation.

In addition, BJ has always been interested in spirituality and religion, both academically and personally. When she became personally involved in Eastern philosophy and religion, she became specifically interested in death & dying (and what really happens to us).

Over the years, she has studied and researched the subject of death & dying, and the associated grief, particularly from a spiritual perspective, under the guidance of respected Buddhist, Hindu and Christian teachers from the USA, Britain and Australia. These great traditions, have so much to teach on the reality of life and death.

BJ has worked in the education sector for nearly 20 years, as a teacher (particularly in a pastoral care role) of adolescents and adults, helping them to not only navigate their path in education, but also navigate their way through personal life obstacles for the happiest outcomes.

Bj holds a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, a Graduate Diploma of Teaching, Graduate qualifications in Linguistics/TESOL, Masters in Comparative World Religions and is a published author for national and international magazine print publications in the field of health and well-being.

It seems only natural to her to combine her love of animals with her interest in death & dying to create a genuinely compassionate and supportive forum for humans who must say good-bye to the animals they love so much.

It is BJ's deep desire to provide guidance and comfort for humans to help their beloved animals live and die in peace.

  • NatalieSu

    I cried while watching this video. In my life (I am 47 yrs old) and I have had to make that “final trip to the vet’s office” twice. Both times I thanked God that I was there to hold my beloved babies, who were nearly 20 yrs old (felines) while the doctor administered the injection. What better way for them to leave this Earth and journey to Heaven (eventually waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge), than in the arms of their Mommy. I am so very, very thankful for that gift. Presently, I have four furry loved ones (3 cats and 1 dog) and I pray to God that I am there for them too when their time comes—that I hold them, kiss them, hug them and profess my love for/to them-as they rise to the glory Heavens and too await my arrival at the Rainbow Bridge.

    I believe in the Rainbow Bridge, and Heaven to me, is being surrounded by all those that I love and care about–both animal and human. I am especially drawn to being with the animals, as my birthday is October 4—the same birthday as St. Francis of Assisi…The Patron Saint of Animals. I am truly blessed, and thankful for that. It was no mistake that I was born on that same day. Animals are beautiful gifts in our lives. They are to be cherished, loved and nurtured–forever. I thank you for this very tearful and caring video–it is my wish that all humans are/and would be, like Mark’s Mum and Dad. (as well as my family and myself). God bless you Mum, Dad and Mark…he will be there waiting for both of you at The Rainbow Bridge.

    • Dear NatalieSu,

      Thank you so much for sharing this with us all. You are so very right–being there at the end with our fur babies is so important. In my research I’ve come across a number of sad cases where trusting people have left their fur babies with a vet to be put to sleep, have left them in the vet’s care, only to discover later that their beloved little baby was mistreated by the vet in some way. It’s not a risk any of us would want to take. Like you say NatalieSu, holding them in our arms, looking into their eyes, our face and our touch and our love their last memories before their new journey begins. Your fur babies are blessed to have you, NatalieSu xx BJ

  • Just

    As painful as it was, I love that as our dear horace departed, he was in his daddy arms n looking into my eyes. We told him we were sorry, felt more love than we could ever imagine, and thanked him for his love and choosing us as his parents.

    I have never felt a loss like this and I miss him more than words can express. I know hes with us, I feel him when I really am down. I wait for the day we meet again at rainbow bridge.


    • Dear Justine, thank you so much for sharing this. Please know that you gave your beautiful Horace a loving death, and this is the greatest gift you can give. I’ll be keeping you and Horace in my thoughts and prayers xx BJ